Store and execute applications directly from dongle

Enky XL is a new generation software dongle developed by HS-Security Ware. It is now one of the most secure software protection products in the world.

Enky XL dongle is ideally suited for software developers who need highly-secured dongle in encryption scheme for protecting high end products from being pirated.

Because of an excellent chip (EAL 5+) enables it to stand out from any similar products in the market. Up to now, there is no successful crack reported on its hardware. Furthermore, the code porting technology is applied based on such a concrete container in order to shield the key code from being possible intercepted.

Enky XL Technical Specification


  50 x 18 x 8 mm, 7g



  Smart Card Chip

   16-bit, NXP, CC EAL 5+


   8 / 32 / 64K

  Embedded Virtual Machine

   C51 Virtual Machine on Chip


   USB 1.1 or higher


   CE, FCC, RoHS

  Onboard Algorithm


  File Security Level

   Root and other levels

  Development Environment

   IDE, and Integrated with KEIL µVision2

  Hardware ID

   Globally Unique


   Driverless HID Device

  Floating Computation

   floating Mathematic Computation


   Run-time Timing Function (RTC version)

  Code porting

   Approx. 10 000 lines of C code

  Remote Update

   High-level Secure Remote Update

  Module Management

   Multiple-Module and Management Schemes

  Operating Systems

   Windows7,8,10, Win CE 6.0, Linux, MAC



Best Chip Security
Enky XL dongle is equipped with the most advanced PHILIPS 16-bit smart card chip reaching EAL 5+ in the global hi-tech sector, that practically enable Enky XL with the outstanding effectiveness in resisting of major attacks such as Electronic Attack (SPA and DPA), Probe Attack (SiShell), Chip Dissection and Debug Port.

Smart Technology
As distinguished from conventional chip, the Enky XL smart card chip contains high performance cryptographic algorithm accelerator or coprocessor. In the chip, the COS (Card Operation System) and its applications are simply running to implement tasks. In another word, a smart card chip can be taken as a highly integrated mini PC.

Code-Port Solution Code Port is an evolutionary technique of transferring key codes of protected software to a dongle under secure communication.
When a corresponding dongle is plugged, the protected application will call specific API functions to run key codes and data stored in the dongle and return legal results, so as to complete the full operation of the protected application. As those code and data stored in the dongle do not have copies at the PC end, malicious crackers are unable to get algorithms or data by physical interception.
In a word, the Enky XL dongle provides a reliable solution to shield software developers from financial loss caused by pirating activities.

Automatic Self-locking Mechanism
The access to the chip is protected by PIN, and the maximum re-tries is pre-set by software developers. For instance, under a dictionary attack, once re-tries exceed the pre-set value, the chip will trigger off a self-locking mechanism and block all external running operations.

Global Unique Serial Number
A global unique SN which cannot be altered or rewritten is assigned to a smart card chip only. This puts an end to the piracy and enables the effective management on the released chips. Furthermore, by cooperating with HS-Security Ware, software developers are able to gain a unique “Customer ID”, which in effect addresses the critical issue of the reproduced and fraudulent dongle.

Built-in Timer
Timer is a useful component for software protection that applies to time-limited usage and anti-tracking. Enky XL Std has a built-in timer lasting more than 10 hours that sustains much longer than similar products of competitors.

Different Enky XL versions are available:

Enky XL Std. – our standard dongle with 8 / 32 /64 K memory

Enky XL Mini – like standard dongle with mini case, ideal for notebooks
Super Mini. Besides the identical technical attributes as Enky XL Std, the major difference between Mini and other dongles is its super fit size, two coined thickness only, 2.8g in weight. Placing in your hand can barely make you feel its existence. It is the best product to laptops and blade servers which require extremely tiny space for dongle.

Enky XL RTC – standard dongle with independent real time clock inside
Independent Real-time Clock. Enky XL RTC is a successful hybrid of Enky XL Std and real time clock. Its time calculation can be purely depend on the inside clock which is battery driven and sustainable for at least 3 years. Its unique design is to terminate the misuse of adjusting computer clock and enable the conveniences of rental and trial management.

Enky XL Net – standard dongle with network feature
Network Environment. Enky XL Net is absolute design for lowering deployment cost by plugging at server side. Developers could make self control how many peers to support. Without manual adjustment, Enky XL Net balances the networking load with other Enky XL Net devices and initiates the service automatically. Besides that, Enky XL Net is able to create, edit and delete white or black list to manage access from peers.