Software Copy Protection

Prevent pirated copies of your application with a dongle and secure your intellectual property and investment. Many tools and API’s are available.

Software Licensing

Flexible licensing models created in the dongle, manage and deliver licenses easily.

Document & Media Protection

Protect your document, spreadsheet, presentation, video or audio files from unauthorized usage or reproduction.

About us

We are a pure player in the software protection market, offering best of breed technology at a reasonable price. In our global world the protection of intellectually property gets highest priority.

The HS-Security Ware team disposes of many years' experience with the protection and the distribution of software. Worldwide software manufacturers give us their trust and use our dongles successfully. The constant advancement of our dongles guarantees a long-term and stable product for our partners.


Small but as powerful as a big one. More information here

Online Software Licensing
Protect and Share Files