Enky AL driverless dongle with 32-bit smart card chip

The Enky AL dongle is a high performance smart-card based software protection dongle with on-board 3DES algorithm. This high strength device is easy to integrate and help developers make comprehensive protection strategy. It has a built-in 20KB data storage area, which is composed of mass storage area and 64 controllable data pages. Additionally, each page contains five useful properties: Enable, Read Only, Access PIN, 3DES Key Encryption and Max Access Number.

These functions can help developer flexible implement complex protection strategy, not only just verify few data in a same storage area. Various forms of software licensing can be performed with this dongle.

Shell encryption tools for 32- or 64-bit programs are optionally available. With this tools, executable programs can be encrypted within a very short time without having to intervene in the source code.


  • Built-in 32 bit smart card chip which can prevent hardware copy, brute force intrusion
  • Driverless, Plug and Play
  • Support USB 2,0 high speed, USB 3.0
  • Unique Hardware Serial Number
  • 20K Mass Storage, High Performance and Diversified Data Storage
  • 64 Page Data Area with encryption protect and access control
  • Usage control and model control enables setting various software security strategy
  • Remote Upgrade and Authorization
  • Optionally available: High Level Shell Encryption for 32 / 64bit App.
  • Hierarchical Access Control
  • On-board Encryption Algorithm
  • Support API / samples various programming languages C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, .Net, VB, Python, DLL and more.
  • Standard and optional MINI case, different colors like blue, red, green, purple
  • Low cost with high efficiency
  • Support Windows XP/7/10/Server, Linux, MAC

Enky AL Technical Specifications:

Unique 32-bit smart card chip Yes
Secure Communication Channel Yes
3DES Encryption Yes
Mass Storage Protected Read / Write 4 KB
64 Page a 256 Bytes 16 KB
Data Retention At Least 10 Years
Write Cycles (EEPROM / Flash) At Least 100,000
Max. licensable modules (Features) per key - Driverless Configuration 64
Physical Specifications
Default Color Blue, optional Red/Green/Purple
Case Material ABS
Operating Temperature 0˚C ~ 70˚C
Humidity Rating 0 ~ 90%
Working Power 100mw
Dimensions L x W x H (in mm) 55mm*16.6mm*7mm
Weight (in grams) 7g